• Welcome to Gralion’s Blog!

    Gralion delivers useful security-related solutions to our clients, and we noticed that there is a lot of information out there that could be useful to help people improve their own security.  We entered into this business in order use our expertise and resources to make our clients safer and more secure.  Now we want to help our readers do the same.  Please keep in mind as you read this blog:

    • We are an independent consulting firm, meaning that we provide our clients with security advice based on their specific situations.  Therefore, we will not endorse any security service provider, integrator, equipment manufacturer, etc. on this blog.
    • We will from time to time present case studies on security related situations.  These studies are based on our professional experience, but we will never use clients’ names for this purpose.
    • Any statements of opinion are just that: our opinion.

    We always appreciate feedback, so if you want to contact us regarding anything we post here please email us at info@gralion.com.

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