Security Master Planning

A Security Master Plan enables you to delineate your security philosophies, strategies, goals, programs, and processes into a long-term, comprehensive plan, complete with budget considerations.

Effective security risk management begins with a Master Plan — a vision of the security department, its roles and responsibilities, and how security fits into your overall organization:

  • Align with your business’ objectives and standards and be deemed a full, essential, and integral partner in all areas of your organization’s planning, operations, and interests.
  • Maintain a proactive approach to your security and safeguards mission, which continuously assesses threat, risk, and business needs to mitigate risks, valuing prevention over reaction.
  • Maintain the flexibility required to function in a dynamic threat environment.
  • Be recognized both inside and outside of your organization as the benchmark for security excellence.

We will lead your organization’s key stakeholders through a needs analysis to clearly define your security goals and criteria. It is vital to include your organization’s leadership and other appropriate stakeholders in this process.

Developing a security master plan is an interactive process, the outcome of which is an agreement from all stakeholders on what your facilities and policies will look, sound and feel like from a security perspective. This will be summarized in a clear written security master plan document that will guide your decision-making over the course of several years.

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