Research and Threat Analysis

Your company’s managers make decisions every day that affect the future of your business operations. Gralion provides forward looking threat assessments that can reduce the uncertainty that your managers face when making operations or policy decisions in a dynamic threat environment.

Our comprehensive threat assessment methodology helps you to:

  • Create prevention plans for credible threat scenarios
  • Understand threats to personnel and assets for exploration or new ventures
  • Plan safeguards and mitigation measures to reduce risk
  • Plan for future cost requirements to keep personnel and assets safe

Our consultants assess existing and potential threats at local, national and international levels. Gralion maintains relationships with government agencies, law enforcement officials and industry organizations to ensure that we understand current counterterrorism issues, political situations, emerging threats and security concerns that can significantly impact your company’s operations.

Gralion’s analysts can also conduct research into specific individuals or businesses and provide you with a detailed examination of the possible risks or potentially adverse issues that exist prior to your new venture.

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