The ‘Everyday Security’ Blog

Years ago when I worked in the corporate security department of a large multinational oil company, I was introduced to the concept of the ‘safety moment.’

Safety was a big part of corporate culture, and it was discussed each and every day.  The safety moment was a few minutes taken at the beginning of a meeting or a gathering of colleagues, in which a certain safety concept was discussed.

I have applied the concept to security to create the “Everyday Security” blog.  I tell all of my clients about this successful way to increase security awareness in their organizations.  At each staff meeting, spend a few minutes talking about a security topic.  It doesn’t need to be a long discussion, and can be anything related to security…how to properly handle visitors, locking vehicles in the parking lot, reporting suspicious incidents.  It’s easy, and it’s an extraordinarily effective way to build a positive security culture.

My goal for this blog is to help you improve your everyday security to keep your staff, students, visitors, customers, or anyone else in your organization safe and secure.  Enjoy, and I invite your comments.

– Russ