Security Services

SECURITY PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & REVIEW: Improve your business’ security operations at a lower cost than adding personnel or equipment by developing new or evaluating your existing security procedures.

SECURITY MASTER PLAN: Delineate your security philosophies, strategies, goals, programs, and processes into a long-term, comprehensive plan, complete with budget considerations.

RISK ASSESSMENTS: Adapt your security programs and countermeasures to mitigate threats with scenario-based security risk assessments.

THREAT & RISK ANALYSIS: Help your managers make critical decisions with forward-looking assessments of security and political risks.

TRAVEL SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING: Provide your personnel with the information they need to reduce the risk of a security related incident.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE EXERCISES & CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLANNING: Prepare your company to deal with an emergency that threatens your personal, assets or facilities.

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