Security Should be Proactive When Possible, and Structured When it is Reactive: Every business should be able to conduct its operations as free as possible from the hindrance of crime or security related challenges. While not every threat or criminal activity can be completely eliminated, companies can take steps to significantly mitigate the problem and turn their focus back to their core business.

Reduce Risks for Your Personnel and Assets: We help companies take an effective approach to security by basing each recommendation that we make on your specific threat and vulnerabilities. The goal of our work is the reduction of risk to your facilities, staff, customers and visitors. We work to save your company money by decreasing your risk from security related problems.

Reduce Uncertainty for Your Decision Makers: Each business operates in a specific threat environment, which can change due to various factors. We are experts at analyzing and distilling threat information to give you a clear picture of the threat environment in which you operate. The object of Gralion’s threat analysis is to reduce uncertainty among your management team, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Your Best Interests Are in Our Best Interest: Since Gralion does not maintain any affiliations with equipment manufacturers, distributors or installation companies, we are driven by our clients’ specific needs and interests. Installation of security technology or implementation of security processes should be based on solid analysis that identifies a specific goal. Often companies will elect to install a security device because it seems like a good idea or because someone heard it worked for another company. A methodological approach by a security expert will end up costing you less and be more effective in the long term.

We Work Within Your Operating Environment: We understand that when implementing new security measures, most companies wish to maintain the current operating environment of their facilities for their employees as much as possible. Security measures should complement the environment and culture of the company and facility where they are implemented. In most situations, it is possible to add security measures that allow business to progress as normal and avoid overburdening personnel.