Security program development and review

In many situations, well defined and executed security procedures can improve your business’ security operations at a much lower cost than adding hardware or personnel.

Gralion can assist you in developing new security procedures, or we can evaluate the existing procedures that you have in place. Whether you are starting up new operations, are concerned about an increase in security incidents or have experienced an increase in threat level, we have the expertise to advise you on solutions for:

Our approach ensures that your security procedures are appropriate for your business’ specific threat level and integrate seamlessly with your normal business operations.  Keep reading below to find out more.

FACILITY AND PERSONNEL SECURITY: Successful facility security is dependent upon procedures integrated with technology and personnel. Gralion has the expertise that you need to appraise the effectiveness of security programs for your site’s operations, including employee access control, guard force performance, visitor and guest access, management of proprietary information, search procedures, emergency procedures, vehicle management and incident investigation.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE:  Capitalize on our abilities to effectively plan, communicate, organize and manage security response during emergency situations. Our consultants have developed business continuity plans and managed the security aspects of emergency situations ranging from union strikes to pandemic flu. We can develop the procedures that you need to effectively respond to a crisis.

THREAT ESCALATION PROCEDURES:  Threat levels can change quickly and without warning, making it necessary to enhance or upgrade security procedures temporarily. We can tell you what aspects of your security procedures need enhancing in what types of situations, as well as how long you should maintain an escalated posture.

MANAGEMENT OF PROPRIETARY INFORMATION:  The way your people protect your company’s proprietary information is critical to your continued success. We can develop procedures to help ensure that your personnel are aware of the vulnerability to losing trade secret information to competing companies or foreign countries.

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION:  Ensure the safety and security of your senior executives so they can operate your business effectively. Our consultants possess extensive expertise in corporate executive protection operations, advance surveys and threat assessments. We have led the development of executive protection programs for large multinational corporations, including development and implementation of travel, office and residential security best practices for executives and senior managers in all ranges of threat environments. We can also train and advise your executives on security awareness and travel security best practices.

INTELLIGENCE AND THREAT ANALYSIS:  Your managers make decisions every day that affect the future of your business operations. Gralion can show you how to evaluate threat situations and develop intelligence reports that reduce the uncertainty that your managers face when they are making business decisions in a dynamic threat environment.

TRAVEL SECURITY PROCEDURES:  Your personnel encounter unique risks when they travel for their jobs. Your business needs to have procedures and guidelines in place to ensure the safety of your people, such as a way of locating all of your personnel in an emergency.

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