• Security Procedures Can Improve Your Bottom Line

    The decision to put security measures in place often occurs after a crime is committed against a company or one of the company’s employees. Unfortunately, leadership feels pressured to react to “improve security” and to do so quickly.

    This decision making process often starts by company management thinking about quick fixes that appear to enhance security but don’t address the cause of the incident. I frequently receive calls that start with, “I am just not sure how many cameras I need” or “I need to know how many security guards I should hire.” While cameras and security guards are aspects of many physical security plans, they might be a waste of your company’s money and time if you do not also introduce effective security procedures to address your specific threats.

    Often companies will elect to install a security device because it seems like interesting technology or because someone heard it worked for another company. In truth, a measured approach by a security expert will end up costing you less and be more effective in the long term. At Gralion, we help our clients with just this kind of thing. We approach each client individually and help them decide the right balance between hardware installation and security procedures.

    Before you decide to buy expensive equipment or enter into security service contracts, think about changing employee behaviors and company operating procedures. If you do this right, you can often dramatically improve your security situation while keeping equipment costs down.

    Over the coming weeks I will post articles to this blog discussing how you can improve security and save your company money through the following:

    1. Provide your people with free or low-cost security and emergency-response training
    2. Reduce theft from outsiders AND insiders
    3. Spend less on equipment and get more value out of the equipment you have
    4. Reduce your company’s liability from a crime or security-related incident
    5. Apply Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles to help reduce damage to your facilities
    6. Get more value from your security guards

    You can use these as stepping stones to provide your company with a good start on the path to a solid security program. Stay tuned…

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